Nehru Nagar colony in Patna is spread between two open Nalas and is surrounded by Mainpura, Anandpuri, North S.K.Puri, Patliputra Colony and Gosain Tola. It is a middle class colony of residential houses and large number of apartments and flats. It is about five and half kilometers from both thePatna railway station and Patna airport.


On the side of Mainpura and Gosain Tola, the road that connects Nehru Nagar to Patliputra colony is the commercial center of Nehru Nagar. At the same time it is the filthiest part of the colony. The road stinks all year round and in rainy season it is unbearable. The commercial activity in this colony is dominated by retail activities and the subzi mandi in the evening on Gosain Tola mode. The office of forest department of Bihar is located in Nehru Nagar and is a landmark in this neighborhood.


Still the by lanes of this colony are much better than most of other similar colonies in Patna. Nehru Nagar is very densely populated. In fact Nehru Nagar is known as colony of apartments and they are growing day by day. The two oldest apartments in Nehru Nagar are Nehru Vihar apartment and Grand apartment. The load on infrastructure is immense.


A large number of tenants prefer Nehru Nagar due to its proximity to Schools in Patliputra colony. Nehru Nagar is devoid of any open spaces like parks and playing fields. The residents are more than happy to use the fields and parks in Patliputra colony for their use.