BUY OFFICES IN Rajapur Mainpura, PATNA

Rajapur Mainpura in Patna is the colony lying with one of its corner at the Rajapur Pul which is at the junction of Bansghat road or Danapur- Gandhi Maidan road and boring canal road. On one side it it has Ganga as its boundary and the other sides are surrounded by Nehru nagar, Kurjee, Gosain Tola and a part by Anandpuri.


Mainpura in Patna is mainly a village from the side of Nehru nagar till Rajapur Pul. It is very densely populated and parts of it can be termed as slum. Narrow lanes where one can only walk and stinking air characterizes Mainpura. Mahant Hanuman Saran College and High school are present in Mainpura. Mahavir VatsalayHospital to is located in Mainpura.


Rajapur in Patna is the area along side the Bansghat Road. Along the road the commercial hub is also spread. One can find all types of shops and offices on this road. With Ganga now flowing further away from the earlier coastline, a new land mass has been created in Rajapur. With Proposed Ganga expressway the area has come in limelight especially for apartments with a view of Ganga. One of the oldest high raise apartment ofPatna,GangaTowers, lies in Rajapur only. It is unplanned and congested. Hopefully the state government plans a new developed Rajapur along theGanges. The real estate industry in Patna is hopeful for the development in this area comparable to modern standards.