Sri krishnapuri in Patna is one of the few planned colonies of Patna. It has HIG, MIG and LIG flats. Now no one would recognize them as such. All the earlier flats have given way to modern houses and kothis. No doubt it is a significant address of Patna. Parks and well planned alleys and roads make it a preferred destination of not only residence but commercial activities too.

Sri Krishnapuri is surrounded by Boring Canal Road,Boring Road and Mithapur- Danapur railway line. No doubt those houses adjacent to Boring and Boring canal road have turned into commercial centers. Another new commercial hub gathering momentum is the Children’s PARK road of Sri Krishnapuri. Retail outlets likeNine to Nine, eating joints like Tunday Kebabs and offices of many TV channels and many other corporate offices are mushrooming on this road. It seems there is a race among private and public Indian banks to open their branches and offices on this road.

The construction of apartments is apparently not allowed in this colony. But a few have being built in this colony. How, we have not been able to find out. To fulfill this gap we have an area opposite to Sri Krishnapuri, known as North Sri Krishnapuri, which is full of apartments. North Sri Krishnapuri is the area along Boring Road behind Yamuna and Krishna Apartments in Patna. In fact on our website we treat North S.K.Puri and S.K.Puri as one entity. Both complement each other as far as real estate requirements in Patna are concerned. The biggest differentiator between the two is “PLANNING”. North S.K.Puri is unplanned but still a better option for living in Patna.

St.Karens, a famous school of Patna has its origin in S.K.Puri. Now too it has several branches spread in this colony. Another attraction is the Children’s Park. A large, well maintained park, it is a jogger’s paradise and children love it.